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QuEST, NASSCOM Foundation launch the Resurgent Communities initiative



NEW DELHI: QuEST Global, a global product engineering and lifecycle services company, and NASSCOM Foundation, have announced the launch of their Resurgent Communities initiative.

The year-long initiative aims at helping the communities who lost their livelihood due to the COVID-19 pandemic to sustain themselves and thrive in the new normal.

QuEST has partnered with NASSCOM Foundation as the first organization from the industry to support a community under the Resurgent Communities initiative to help it become self-reliant. More than 2000 residents of Mithun Reddy Layout at Bellandur in Bengaluru will receive support through this initiative.

The Resurgent Communities initiative is divided into three phases spread across the next 12 months. The first phase aims at providing immediate relief by distributing ration kits to 400+ households and sensitizing the community on how to co-exist and continue their day-to-day chores without being infected.

In the Reform phase, school-going children will be provided with education and at least one adult per household will be made digitally literate.

The third phase will enable the community to re-imagine their livelihoods by getting skilled or creating new, more robust micro-entrepreneurship. The initiative will also work towards creating intra and inter-community collaborations to create women self-help groups and community level associations etc. The NASSCOM Foundation and QuEST will partner with an on-ground NGO – Smile Foundation – who will help both the organizations in executing this initiative.

The relief work started today and was marked by the presence of leaders from QuEST and NASSCOM Foundation, and volunteers from both organizations distributed relief kits to the residents.

Speaking at the occasion, Niketh Sundar, Chief People Officer, QuEST Global, said, “We are delighted to partner with NASSCOM Foundation to support the community at Mithun Reddy Layout, Bellandur and enable them to become self-reliant. Education and skill development have now become the most important and powerful tools that play a critical role in shaping the lives of communities and their people. The Resurgent Communities program aims at sustainable development of communities by providing them with digital skills, job opportunities, and entrepreneurship skills. Through such initiatives, our focus is to provide basic skills for the underprivileged, thereby creating opportunities to enhance their livelihood for a better tomorrow that will benefit the entire community. We are looking forward to associating with NASSCOM Foundation, where we can engineer a change for the communities around us.”

Ashok Pamidi, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges like never before, even though a lot of states and cities have lifted the lockdown, the marginalized communities continue to get disproportionately affected with loss of daily wage work and income. A study has shown that non-migrant workers may have an income drop of 57%. For India, with almost 22% of its population living in poverty with wages less than $2 a day, this can be devastating.

Providing relief to these communities is only a temporary solution. NASSCOM Foundation’s Resurgent Communities initiative hopes to take the Prime Minister’s agenda of a self-reliant India forward. The initiative seeks to help communities become self-reliant by not just providing them with relief, but shaping their future through education for the youth, and digital skills, job and entrepreneurship skills for the adults. We are grateful to QuEST Global in taking the lead and supporting the community at Mithun Reddy Layout, Bellandur, and urge all our member companies to become a part of this initiative by supporting similar communities across India.”

QuEST Global, a product engineering and lifecycle services company, has always been driven by purposeful passion. The company firmly believes that technological innovations driven by human intellect, education, and entrepreneurship have been responsible for making most of the advancements in our society. The social outreach program of QuEST is firmed up on the founder’s principles – aspiration, humility, and hunger – that encourage its employees to achieve goals and do things for the betterment of the society. Over the years, the company has supported several schools in Bengaluru, Belgavi, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Pune, and Trivandrum through the provision of scholarships and infrastructure development.

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Mobile Services

Pakistan temporarily suspends all social media platforms



NEW DELHI: Pakistan on Friday temporarily suspended the services of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp to stop their use to organise demonstrations following violent protests by a radical religious group that has now been banned by the government.

The government banned Tehreek-i-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) on Thursday following three days of violent protest by it to force the government to expel the French ambassador over a blasphemous caricature published in France last year.

The TLP had launched the country-wide protest on Monday after the arrest of its chief Saad Hussain Rizvi.

The TLP supporters clashed with the law enforcement agencies in several towns and cities earlier this week, leaving seven persons dead and over 300 policemen injured.

To stop the protests after Friday prayers, the Interior Ministry directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to suspend social media services for four hours from 11 am to 3 pm.

The PTA said in a notification that complete access to social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Telegram) may be blocked.

The reason for the suspension of the services was not stated by the PTA but official sources said that it was feared that protesters could use social media to organise demonstrations.

Suspension of internet and mobile phone services is a common practice in Pakistan to forestall protests and acts of terrorism.

But this time only social media has been particularly targeted as the TLP was reportedly using it effectively against the government action.

On Thursday, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed warned the TLP against using YouTube to upload propaganda videos. The TLP came to prominence in November 2017 when it staged a sit-in at the Faizabad interchange near Islamabad and cut off the capital from the old international airport.

Pakistan Muslims League-Nawaz (PML-N) was in the government then and Imran Khan, the current prime minister, and his Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf party had supported the protest.

Source: Press Trust of India

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Spectrum Auction 2021: Telecom Department assigns frequencies to successful bidders



NEW DELHI: Department of Telecom (DoT) today (16.04.2021) successfully completed the assignment of frequencies to successful bidders of the Spectrum Auction, 2021. Frequency assignment letters were issued to successful bidders today.

The frequency assignment was accompanied by a frequency harmonization exercise, whereby spectrum blocks assigned to Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) in the current spectrum auction have been made contiguous with the spectrum blocks already held by them, wherever possible, in various bands in different Licensed Service Areas (LSAs).

The harmonization of spectrum was accomplished in 19 LSAs in 800 MHz band, 8 LSAs in 900 MHz band, 21 LSAs in 1800 MHz band, 3 LSAs in 2100 MHz band, and 16 LSAs in 2300 MHz band.The harmonization exercise facilitates more efficient utilization of spectrum held by TSPs, leading to improved Quality of Service for consumers.

As a part of the frequency assignment, the Government has also accepted the request of two TSPs – M/S Bharti and M/S Reliance Jio, for assignment of immediately available unsold spectrum blocks in place of spectrum blocks in the same band and LSA assigned to them from later dates. An amount of Rs. 2306.97 crore (Rs. 157.38 crore from M/s Bharti and Rs. 2149.59 crore from M/s Reliance Jio) has been received immediately by the Government, rather than in August/ September, 2021.

It may be recalled that a total quantity of 855.60 MHz of spectrum in 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, and 2300 MHz bands was acquired by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) in the Spectrum Auction, 2021, conducted on 1st and 2nd March, 2021.

The total amount payable by the successful bidders for the total quantity of spectrum acquired is Rs 77820.81 crore.

Of this, an amount of Rs 21918.47 crore was received as upfront payment from the TSPs on 18th March, 2021, as per terms and conditions of the Notice Inviting Applications.

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LTI appoints Anil Rander as its Chief Financial Officer



NEW DELHI: Larsen & Toubro Infotech, a global technology consulting and digital solutions company has appointed Anil Rander as its Chief Financial Officer.

Anil is a seasoned finance leader with more than 27 years of multifaceted experience in driving business performance and growth. His expertise ranges across business and financial strategy formulation, fiscal management, corporate accounting, investor relations, pricing, risk management, internal audit and financial controls.

Sanjay Jalona, CEO & Managing Director, LTI, said “The role of CFO is evolving rapidly, and I am pleased to welcome Anil to our leadership team at this critical juncture in our journey. His financial leadership and business acumen will enable us to chart the next phase of growth for LTI. We remain committed to pushing industry benchmarks on business excellence.”

Anil joins LTI from Tech Mahindra where he was the Senior Vice President for Finance and Legal functions and Global Head of Finance for BPS. Before this role, Anil was with Hutchison Max Telecom Ltd where he looked after management accounting. His other stints have been with Alpic Finance and A.F. Ferguson & Co.

Anil is a Chartered Account, Cost Accountant and a Company Secretary. He has won multiple industry accolades for outstanding contributions during his illustrious career. He will be based out of LTI’s headquarter in Mumbai, India.


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