About US

TelecomMirror is news portal and a monthly magazine which essentially cater to latest happenings in the Telecom and IT industry with online in-depth analysis, interviews with senior industry figures insightful market intelligence.

We truly appreciate any feedback, comments and suggestions you might have to help us to improve.

Although we have a global focus, we also have local presence as our correspondents provide us with news from their local and International markets.

  1. Our news is timely;
  2. Focussed, to-the-point and objective;
  3. and specifically targeted at telecoms professionals.

Sanjeeb Kumar is Editor-in-Chief and founder of Telecom Mirror, he has been a journalist since 2011 and has worked at The DayAfter Magazine, and Voice&Data. Kumar is former alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) is an Indian media centre of learning funded and promoted by the Government of India.

He last served as the Senior Journalist at Voice&Data.

Besides TelecomMirror, he has also founded PoliticalMirror (news portal), NationalPoliticalMirror (a monthly political magazine and news portal), and co-founder of TheGlobalRealty (a monthly magazine and news portal on real estate and infrastructure).

He can be reached at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.