Sterlite Tech’s views on National Digital Communications Policy 2018

Dr. Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Tech:

“The Draft National Digital Communications Policy is a step in the right direction to prepare India and our citizens for the future. The intense focus on Broadband for All, relaxation of policy constraints and drive towards stakeholder collaboration, sets the stage right for achieving full digital inclusion. Declaring the Fibre First Initiative, and encouraging Common Rights of Way will go a long way in speeding up broadband availability. We look forward to good detailing and speedy implementation of the recommendations, so we can accelerate towards building Digital India.”

Swati Rangachari, Chief of Corporate Affairs, Sterlite Tech:

“The new policy is socially relevant with expected impact on job creation and user experience. On the infrastructure side, the Fibre First initiative and declaration of fibre as critical public utility are commendable. We look forward to the policy’s quick implementation, with focus on the much-needed ease of business issues, centrally held benchmarked standards for network products and their deployment, and domestic manufacturing. India has the potential to become the fibre capital of the world, with the right policy impetus. We look forward to sharing our views with the Government.”

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