ACT Fibernet launches new broadband plan-ACT Entertainment in Hyderabad

NEW DELHI: India’s largest fiber broadband ISP (internet service provider) ACT Fibernet said that it has launched new broadband plan-ACT Entertainment in Hyderabad.

The company has partnered with leading OTT content providers like Hooq TV, YUPP TV and Fastflimz to bring a complete home entertainment package for the residents of Hyderabad.

With the launch of the new plan, customers can now enjoy a large selection of exclusive regional movies, TV shows and live TV Channels. Starting from popular English TV shows on HOOQ like Flash, The Big Bang Theory, Men in Black, Arrow, to latest Telugu movies like Lukkunodu, DanduPalayam, Avantika and many more on Fastflimz platform. Through YUPP TV, customers can access YuppTV Live, TV5, E5 TV and Gemini Telugu channels which includes Gemini Movies, TV, Comedy, News, Music and Life. Customers of entertainment plan will also get access to latest movies and serials often exclusively for ACT customers. Further, customers opting for this plan can enjoy additional benefits to choose any of these services without paying an extra amount of Rs.229 each per month.

As part of the Entertainment Plan, ACT Fibernet has introduced three packages– on a monthly basis, ACT Entertainment plan offers 40 Mbps speed with 175 GB FUP limit at a rental of Rs. 740 only, for a period of 6 months ACT Entertainment plan offers 40 Mbps speed with 175 GB FUP limit at a rental of Rs. 4070 only, and for a period of 12 months ACT Entertainment plan offers 40 Mbps speed with 175 GB FUP limit at a rental of Rs. 7400 only. Customers need to register only once for the plan through the company’s website, app or call center and access unlimited entertainment content without incurring extra charges for any of the VAS services.

Speaking on the new plan, Partha Biswas, Chief Operating Office, ACT Fibernet commented,” Customers today look for services which gives them a holistic experience and is a one stop shop for all their entertainment needs. Recently, we witnessed a tremendous demand for over-the-top (OTT) content from our customers and as one of the leading broadband service providers in Hyderabad, our aim is to meet their demand at all steps. With our new customised entertainment plan we are bringing a host of exclusive Telugu movies, TV shows and access to popular channels to provide a wholesome experience to all our customers backed by our high internet broadband speed”.

The below table captures the plan details: –

Package Name Pay term Speed FUP Post FUP Speed Monthly Rental Fixed Term Price
ACT Entertainment 1M 40 Mbps 175 GB 1 Mbps 740 740
ACT Entertainment 6M 40 Mbps 175 GB 1 Mbps 740 4070
ACT Entertainment 12 M 40 Mbps 175 GB 1 Mbps 740 7400

 The below table captures the list of offerings from HOOQ TV, YUPP TV and Fastflimz:-



Telugu Movies

Other Movies & TV Shows
–          Lord of the rings

–          Flash

–          The big bang theory

–          Men in Black

–         Arrow

–          Super girl

–         Spiderman

–         Green lantern


  • Live TV Channels
  • Gemini TV
  • Gemini Movies
  • YuppTV Live
  • TV5
  • Gemini Comedy
  • Gemini News
  • Gemini Music
  • Gemini Life
  • E5 TV


  • Darsakudu
  • Markathamani
  • Avantika
  • Lukkunodu
  • DanduPalayam


  • Anjaneyulu
  • Boss
  • Manasumamata
  • Abhiruchi
  • Aradhana
  • Savithri
  • Mahesh



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